Music and Art are both deeply woven throughout  my very core from the moment I was brought into this world up until this very moment only growing more wonderfully wild! I owe it all to my My family.  They cannot help but thrive in the life where music possesses the most crucially significant role in molding them continuously into more interestingly passionate and talented beings.  The sound they create lures in the curious minds feeding the anxious ears while leaving them hungry only for more!! Both music and myself share a similar deep connection, continuing onward thriving with an incredible intensity, inspiring my mind with beautifully abstract ideas, fearlessly searching for concepts leading to questions offering clarity.  music opens my mind, teasing my senses connected to the voice openly listening, seeking knowledge of life and more importantly revealing the hidden and forgotten places within.  Music pushes with a committment to stir up thoughts giving birth to discovery at its best.  lovely and foreign emotions moving beyond what the incapable, ignorant and deaf, who dwell in shallow waters only dream of.  awakening of lost emotions only musicians can comprehend being that music is responsible for this awakening.


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