Metal Show @The Gilman 7.12.2013

Metal Show @The Gilman 7.12.2013.


This guy is a local of Sacramento! Had the pleasure to meet him on a few occasions. Not only is he a really nice who seems to be down to earth, passionate, dedicated but he’s talented on great levels! He’s a MUST CHECK OUT! Spread the word- Spread the music- Share! Share! Share!

Why It Matters

Adrien BellueThis is an interesting story.  One afternoon I was kicking around the intergooglewebtubes and I stumbled across the kind of tough looking kid playing solo acoustic guitar.  His technique was fantastic and his songs were great, so I did a little poking around and discover that he lives in Sacramento, California — my home base.

So I got in touch and asked him if he’d be interested in doing a quick little email interview, thinking I’d toss out a couple of quick questions, link you guys to his music and move along.  But things don’t always go as planned.

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I would greatly appreciate it and will be ever grateful for feedback! :0). I’m trying to decide what people are more drawn to if at all when looking at my art. Ha! Constructive criticism is welcomed and so are honest opinions! Hopefully positivity comes my way! Regardless- bring it on! Give it to me! Heehee. Thank you!
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